Will there be restaurants and bars nearby?
Most villas are within 2-4 mins drive to nearest restaurants and bars and a few are within walking distance. The capital St George’s also has a variety of choices.

Are there sandy beaches within walking distance of the Villa?

A few villas are within walking distance from a beach, others are 2 – 5 mins drive. Grenada is known for it’s beautiful sandy beaches even by Caribbean standards! The more popular ones are found in the southwest corner of the island, and there are many more idyllic beaches elsewhere on Grenada that are worth heading for on day trips. For more detailed information contact us spiceislevillas@spiceisle.com

How close are banks,stores and supermarkets?

Most villas are within a 2 – 5 mins drive away.
As a general guide you can expect the following opening hours:
Banks: 8am – 2pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8am – 4pm on Friday.
Shops: 8am – 4pm, Monday to Friday, and 8am – 1pm on Saturday, although in some areas many retailers stay open for much longer. (Some shops close between 12 noon and 1pm).
Supermarkets: 8am – 7pm Monday – Saturday
Spiceland Mall supermarket Mon – Thurs. 8am – 9pm, Fri – Sat 8am – 10pm Sunday 9am – 7pm.
Government offices: 8am – 3pm, Monday to Friday

Are buses and taxis readily available?

Public mini-buses travel around the entire island. It’s great fun; you will travel to the soundtrack of typical Caribbean music and meet the notoriously friendly locals.

Hotel / Airport taxis have fixed rates and are identifiable by registration numbers beginning with the letter ‘H’.
Airport to Grand Anse $40.00 EC
Grand Anse to St. George’s for up to 4. Pers. $35.00 EC (14 US)
Private Tour $65.00 EC per hour
After 6.00 PM add $10.00 EC per trip.
The Street taxis provide good service, but it is a good idea to first find out how much they charge for the trip before entering the vehicle.

Are beach towels available?

Are hair dryers available?

Is it possible to arrange a cook or chef?
Yes. In all villas there is a housekeeper and some are happy to prepare some meals. There are cooks. Chefs and outside caterers are available. Some notice is required.

Is the villa suitable for people with walking difficulties?
Most are. More details can be obtained by contacting Spice Isle Villas.

Is Spice Isle Villas able to arrange vehicle hire and have vehicle delivered to the villa ?
Yes (at no extra charge)

Do Spice Isle Villas offer a concierge service to and from the airport?
Yes. Transport to the villa is provided free of charge. The return journey at the end of your vacation can also be arranged, but most guests prefer to travel to the airport in their hired vehicle and leave it there for the vehicle rental company.